A professional mobile phone repair information query tool, making repairs so easy!
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20M installation package, Download and register for 7-day free trial, You can try it first.

How to registerPlease download the software first,Register on the software homepage.
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1)Open activation page ,user -->Registration code2)Enter the registration code and verify the account password3)Click Update4)Update completed, please login again to check
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1)change Password2)reset machine codeOne account can be used on three computers, the first three computers successfully logged in are available by default.We design three computers to login, Considering that a studio may have multiple computers. But this is not designed for multiple users.Sometimes the binding needs to be changed, please reset here.
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Please check the following items:1) For some system security settings, please run it with an administrator account.2) Please check if it is blocked by some security software.3)Delete the installation directory (pdf, pcb), re-download and try again
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Shared file submissionIf you have a good file to share, please send the file or link to: admin@nanzhao.org, thanks!
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YouTube:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hwlYGzjYt7Y&feature=shareFackbook:https://www.facebook.com/109545797436086/posts/127724962284836/if have any questions, please contact online customer service, thanks
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