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How to registerPlease download the software first,Register on the software homepage.
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1)Open activation page ,user -->Registration code2)Enter the registration code and verify the account password3)Click Update4)Update completed, please login again to check
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1)change Password2)reset machine codeOne account can be used on three computers, the first three computers successfully logged in are available by default.We design three computers to login, Considering that a studio may have multiple computers. But this is not designed for multiple users.Sometimes the binding needs to be changed, please reset here.
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Please check the following items:1) For some system security settings, please run it with an administrator account.2) Please check if it is blocked by some security software.Our software has passed Windows 10 certification.If some security software is blocking, please turn off those security software temporarily Or Pleas add to trust.
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Shared file submissionIf you have a good file to share, please send the file or link to: admin@nanzhao.org, thanks!
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YouTube:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hwlYGzjYt7Y&feature=shareFackbook:https://www.facebook.com/109545797436086/posts/127724962284836/if have any questions, please contact online customer service, thanks
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our software has passed Windows security certification,If some other security software misreports, please add to trust or temporarily close it.